The New Video Curriculum

Keith is now focusing exclusively on offering his video curriculum, Character Video, to schools and para school organizations. This is a powerful program that includes student, teacher, and parent targeted video lessons that can be streamed into the classroom, school wide, and even off campus.  To learn more about Keith’s videos, please go to . You may also contact Keith through the contact page on

Cyberbullying Programs and Assemblies That Change Student Behavior

Cyberbullying Assembly
Keith's anti cyberbullying program is built into his bullying assembly and addresses the stark reality of social media abuse and addiction among America's youth.  In his travels as a cyberbullying speaker Keith frequently runs into adults and administrators that make statements like, "This bullying thing is overblown" or "Cyberbullying is just bullying online and a rite of passage - no big deal."  Keith puts a lot of study into each topic he addresses and, though he uses comedy as a medium, his programs and assemblies are based on facts. When it comes to cyberbullyng and it's link to school disruption, anxiety disorders, suicidal ideation, and other negative outcomes, the statistics and credible peer reviewed studies speak for themselves.

The Cyberbullying Statistics are Staggering

  • 17.4 percent of teens have experienced cyberbullying in the last thirty day window. (
  • 64 percent of students who have been cyberbullied say it affects their ability to function and learn while at school and at home. (Cyberbullying Research Center)
  • Cyberbullying is predictive of some significant psychological and behavioral health problems among adolescents. (Journal of Adolescent Health 2019)
  • Students who experince continual cyberbullying are nearly two times more likly to attempt suicide. (The Journal of School Violence 2019)
  • Approximately twenty percent of American teens experience a serious mental health event associated with social isolation and cyberbullying. (CDC 2019)

Teens Need Us to Tell Them the Truth About the Legal Consquences of Cyberbullying and Sexting

Truth About the Legal Consquences of CyberbullyingThere are things that need to be talked about but are uncomfortable to address. Keith believes we NEED to talk about these uncomfortable topics because we owe it to the students we serve.  Sexting is one of those topics.  At the high school level, and depending on demographics, at the seventh and eighth grade levels, Keith takes on sexting and sharing naked images. Keith has observed that educators, social commentators, law enforcement officials, and media personalities are talking to each other quite a bit about teen sexting...we just don't seem to be talking to the actual teens about it.  They need to know the truth: they can be criminally prosecuted. Keith has found that teens simply don't know that in 23 states sending naked images of a person under 18 (even if it is of themselves) violates child pornagraphy statutes and they can be charged with a felony...a felony that will not be expunged from their record after they turn 18.

Uncomfortable With Addressing Sexting at Your School...The Statistics Show You Need To
  • 15 percent of teens have sent a naked image, 27 percent have received one and 12 percent of teens have forwarded a naked image without consent.  (University of New Mexico Meta Study 2019)
Due to privacy laws there are no peer reviewed statistics on how many teens are being prosecuted for cyberbullying.  However, Keith believes the number is probably higher than the average person would assume.  He has traveled throughout the United States and many school administrators have let him know they have had to refer sexting incidents to law enforcement and the teens were successfully prosecuted.  Many of those teens will have to live with a felony the rest of their lives.

There is Hope - What You Do in Response to The Cyberbullying Epidemic Matters

  • Specific anti bullying and anti cyberbullying programs and curriculum effectivly reduce school bullying (Gaffney, Trof, and Farrington 2018)
Keith's anti cyberbullying program followed up by his anti bullying curriculum will have a long term positive affect on your high school and middle school culture.

"After Keith performed his anti cyberbullying assemblies for our middle and high schools, we implemented his curriculum and we have seen a decrease in cyberbullying / harassment problems during the year.”
   -Jim Kuhn, Principal,
    Powell High School
    Powell, WY