The New Video Curriculum

Keith is now focusing exclusively on offering his video curriculum, Character Video, to schools and para school organizations. This is a powerful program that includes student, teacher, and parent targeted video lessons that can be streamed into the classroom, school wide, and even off campus.  To learn more about Keith’s videos, please go to . You may also contact Keith through the contact page on

Anti Bullying Videos for Middle Schools, High Schools, and Elementary Schools

Keith's video streaming site, CharacterVideo.orgcontains short, impactful video lessons that address bullying, cyber bullying, drama, racism, exclusion, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol awareness, mental resilience, dropout prevention, and other SEL topics.

Stream Powerful SEL and Anti Bullying Video Lessons to Students On or Off Campus

Distance Learning Capable

Share short video lessons with your class, your school, or directly to students’ personal devices – perfect for distance learning. Each video is a complete lesson – follow up questions are provided.  Don’t just do “one and done” at the beginning of the school year. Take your positive school culture and anti bullying efforts to the next level by providing uplifting anti bullying messaging all school year – not just October. For example, Social media abuse peaks in the spring: address it with one of Keith’s s anti cyberbullying videos.

Order for One School or The Whole District.

Imagine the impact of sharing positive, uplifting, and even humorous videos school wide. You could show Keith’s video, “Signing the Pledge” and then have all the students in the school sign an anti-bullying pledge provided by Caracter Video. Or, you could choose to show a video school wide on positive body image and the importance of not judging others by appearance – there will be a positive buzz in the whole student body.

Why Use Anti Bullying Videos?

Anti bullying videos can be used to educate students, teachers, and even parents.  They are an effective and powerful way to reach the school community with a positive message, require no support material, books, training sessions, or handouts, and are often quite short: taking up little instructional time.

Videos for Teachers and Parents

There are even teacher targeted videos for Professional Development Days as well as parent education videos for parent outreach.  Parents don’t have to come to the school - you can stream lessons on topics such as, “Monitor Your Child’s Social media Use, or “Building Mental Resiliency,” to them. Contains Videos That Address America’s Teen Mental Health Crises 

Partner with Keith to bring a positive mental health message to your school and inspire the teens that need help to ask for it.  Keith is one of the most booked mental health speakers in the country and his mental health video lessons are on the cutting edge of teen communication.

"Bankbridge Regional School serves students with both behavioral and mental health issues and it can be difficult to hold their attention.  The students were captivated and inspired by your video lessons." Kenneth Kirkland CADC, CMHS, Mental Health Specialist Bankbridge Regional School, Sewell, NJ

"SOLUTIONS…That’s what our junior high campus needed and that’s what we got from Keith Deltano’s anti bullying and positive mental health video lessons!  So many of the programs out there were out of step with youth culture and our needs.  Keith’s videos were captivating and right on target." - Diana Russell Counselor Linden TX ISD

"Keith’s anti bullying videos were well received by the teachers, students, and administrators. The students are always asking when we are going to show another comedy clip." - Dan Durglo District Anti Bullying Coordinator  St. Ignatius Public Schools, MT

Go to Keith's video streaming site,, for a topics list and more information.