“Your energetic style and ability to communicate about complex topics is special.  You captured the students’ attention and challenged them during the bullying assembly.  Well done!”

Dr. William Stavisky
Superintendent, Perry Central School District
Perry, NY

Media Response

“For an hour, the students were mesmerized.   Deltano involved the students in the presentation by asking questions and demonstrating crucial ideas.”

-Teresa Loflin
Staff Writer
Jamestown News and Record, NC

“Some audiences are well behaved and others Keith Deltano works harder to hook.  Either way, he ultimately grabs the attention of all the public school students he has entertained.”

-Jeffery Whitfield
Staff Writter
The Daily, Atlanta GA

“Keith Deltano didn’t beat around the bush during his Ohio tour which landed at Northmor High School.  He did, however, use comedy to soften the blows.”

-Rebecca Feustel
Staff Writer
Galion Inquirer, Columbus OH


“Deltano has made presentations at local middle and high schools to help students understand the consequences of their actions.  To help the parents, Deltano will host a workshop at 7 P.m. Wednesday at the Leila Canant Center, Room 109, 615 Third Ave. S., Naples.  The program, called “Fighting Back,” is designed to help parents fight back against negative, high-risk culture.”

-Katherine Lewis
Staff Writer
>Naples News, Naples Fl

hanging out after the bullying assembly
The bullying assembly rocked

“I sincerely thank you for your anti bullying program.  Our middle school students will remember your message for a long time.”

Robyn Vanover
District Prevention Specialist
Martin County FL School District

“We have had many presenters come to talk about school culture and bullying.  Keith’s anti bullying assembly was one of the best.”

Tiffany Violette
Connecticut Assistant Principal of the Year
South Windsor High, South Windsor, Ct.

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Bullying Assembly | Bullying Assemblies K-12

military police officer, public school teacher, youth leader, private counselor, and educational comedian.Keith Deltano has served and worked with youth for many years in various roles, including as a military police officer, public school teacher, youth leader, private counselor, and educational comedian. He draws on this varied background to reach out and share with youth. Keith taught sixth grade and won the Teaching Excellence Award for his work with at risk youth.He has been listed in Who’s Who of America’s Teachers and Outstanding Young Men of America. He was granted The National Impact Award for his work in parent outreach and eduction.

What makes Keith's K-12 Bullying Assembly Different?

Keith's show goes beyond the bystander/bully/victim labels to get at the underliying causes of bullying.  Keith uses comedy to show students why they do what they do. Keith's background in public education gives him insight into school culture.  The "mean girls," status clothes, "in" group and cliques will all come under his comedic wit.  Keith challenges the youth and adults in the audience to seriously contemplate how they view one another.   "Don't Bully" is about acceptance, making new friends by reaching out, and encouraging the audience to stop judging one another by outward appearance, speech, or economic status. Keith talks about trash throwing and trash catching, haters and hate catching, bullies and spectators.  He takes the unusual approach of addressing the mindset of the catcher as well as the thrower.  He will inspire those that have been bullied and force the bullies to take a harsh look at why they do what they do.  The students that have “caught it” because they learn differently or struggle academically and socially will come away especially inspired.

Will Keith's Bullying Assembly address online bullying?

Physical, verbal, and online bullying all have the same root causes and manifestations. Keith addresses online bullying by exposing the causes of all bullying and prejudice behaviors.  He also talks about the legal ramifications of on and offline bullying. The audience will understand that bullying can be interpreted as “threatening” or “violent” behavior even if physical contact is not made.

What about parent outreach?

Keith has performed parent workshops on bullying and online safety throughout the US.  His workshops can be custom tailored to whatever is happening in your community.  However, Keith feels that no workshop is complete without teaching parents how to protect their children form online porn and gambling as well as bullying.  Most parents are simply not aware of what is “online” and the activities that children are engaged in online.  The tools and strategies Keith will teach parents to use to prevent online bullying will also be used to prevent online porn and gambling addiction.

What about the kids with “educational” labels?

Keith stayed back in the third grade because he could not read…and he could hardly read the second time through.  He was given every label in the book; ADD, ADHD, dyslexic, and dysgraphic.  He struggled through school and spent a lot of time in “special” classes and “special” programs.  Keith over came the professional labels as well as the taunting that comes with “staying back” and special programming and went on to make Deans’ list in college.  As a result of his experiences, Keith has a heart for the audiences most speakers avoid.  He wants to talk to the kids in juvenile detention, alternative schools or tracks, or any other group of students that doesn’t fit in because they do not learn “like everybody else”.  Keith has a presentation that only they will understand that he does not present to the general school audience.  He doesn’t have a name for this show because it is different every time he does it and it’s more like a conversation.  If you have such a group in mind, please include them in his tour.  He is comfortable with “special needs” kids…he was one.  Actually…he still does not fit in.

How is the Bullying Assembly Different in the Fall?

The beginning of the school year offers a unique window. Think of a bullying assembly in the fall as preemptive. The students get new lockers, new classes, new teachers…it is a time of change.  It is also a great time to change attitudes.  Students are more open to behavioral change at the beginning of the year than any other time of the school year.  This is not to say that school culture can not be changed or addressed in the spring, it’s just harder.  When Keith is performing his show in schools during September and October, he modifies the show in order to take advantage of the fact that it is the beginning of a new school year and as such, a great time to change behaviors and attitudes.  Students want to have a “better year than last year”…they just don’t know how.

How is the Bullying Assembly Different in the Spring?

If a bullying assembly in the fall is preemptive, then a bullying assembly after the Christmas break tends to be reactive.    Keith's experience as a teacher taught him that the Spring months tend to be more "challenging" in terms of student social behavior.  Negative Patterns have been established, standardized testing is taking place and the sudents have been together for several months: it can be a tense time when students act out in unhealthy ways. In the second half of the year Keith is often brought in to stop rather then prevent bullying behavior.  This is when Keith's experience as an award winning public schcool teacher will come in handy.  He can spend time on the phone with school administrators prior to the event to find out exactly what is happening on thier campus or in thier system.  These conversations will be kept confidential and Keith will modify his bullying assemblies to meet the individual communitie's needs.

How to Make an Anti Bullying Assembly Tour Happen?

Prices for bullying assemblies vary depending on location and area tours.  If Keith is already in the area then costs will be lower because travel expenses are shared.  Quoted prices are all inclusive; they include travel, lodging, and food costs, so you will know your total budget before booking.  Keith will do up to FOUR assemblies per day.  This allows you to "share" him with other schools or even school systems in order to reduce costs.  Please contact Keith's office for a quote.

“Keith’s anti bullying program captivated the attention of students Kindergarten through twelfth grade. He was funny, interesting and straight forward.”

Debbie Johnson
Dean of Students
Southampton Acadamy, Courtland VA


“The kids really loved your anti bullying program, they really got the message!  The teachers only had great things to say!  It was a delight to have you here!”

Claire Menard
PTA President
Coral Springs Middle School,
Coral Springs FL

“Keith’s anti bullying assembly hit the perfect tone for our middle schoolers-the right blend of humor and serious truth.  Great program!”

Catherine Hollinger, Principal
Readington Middle School
Whitehouse Station, NJ


“Keith made me feel good about being different.”

Brian – Eighth Grade Student
John Adams Elementary
Corona, CA

During his bullying assembly, Keith captivated his audience with humor and real life stories.  Students learned they have the power to stop bullying.”

Jackie Wilson,
Safe and Drug Free Schools,
Smyth County Schools,
Marion, VA


“Your anti bullying presentation was informative as well as entertaining.  I now see bystanders stepping up when they see other students not being treated well.”

Alma Morel, Guidance Counselor
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Teaneck, NJ

“Keith’s Bullying Assembly will change lives”

Janice McGovern,
Project Truth,
Buffalo NY


Awesome! Awesome job!  Thanks so much for performing “Stop Bullying” at our High School. The kids love the wristbands and lanyards and the brightly colored anti bullying pledges you provided now hang down the main hallway as a reminder.”

— Jessica. Swaldo

School Counselor
Indian Valley High School
Gnadenhutten Ohio

Wow! To hold 1200 students’ attention for more than an hour is not only a testimony to your abilities as a speaker, it is also a testimony to the idea that kids want someone to tell them that it is OK to take a stand for what is right.

— Dr. Mickey McNeill
Southeast Whitfield County High School
Dalton, GA

after the bullying assembly
bullying assembly

bullying assembly

Keith Deltano bullying assembly presenter
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